Nina Senicar - Serbian Model in Bikini

                             Nina Senicar   
Born: November 11, 1985    
Showgirl, Model, Actress  
Height: 5ft. 9in. tall    
Measurements: 33 -25 -35   (Sexy moment)  
Nina Seničar is a Serbian model and showgirl. She lives and works in Italy At the age 16 she won the title of Miss Yugoslavia In 2001. She went on to study at Bocconi University in Milan and graduated with a Master of Science degree in International Economics and Managment. In 2007, she started her television carrier with “Distraction” alongside Teo Mammucari. In 2008 she became the face of “Tiscali” obtaining huge popularity and joined the cast of "Veline in Tour", the summer's most watched television program. In 2010 she participated in the show called The Island of Famous and later on that year co-hosted the program "Velone" with Enzo Iachetti. Her face stands out in numerous advertising campaigns; Lingerie by Roberta, Cotton Club, Paul Mitchell, Sweet Years, NGM, Oknoplast and numerous others. In 2011 she starred in Napoletans, her first lead role, directed by Luigi Russo.


Abbey Clancy - Catwalk Model in Bikini

                                        Abbey Clancy   
Born: January 10, 1986    
Catwalk Model    
Height: 5ft. 9in. tall    
Measurements: 32 -24 -35  (Sexy moment)   
Abigail Marie "Abbey" Crouch is a British lingerie and catwalk model and television presenter. She is the wife of footballer Peter Crouch. In summer 2006, the second cycle of Living TV's Britain's Next Top Model included Clancy as one of the thirteen finalists in the competition, competing over 10 weeks for a modelling contract. Although Clancy did not win, her career in modelling continued to blossom. Since appearing on Britain's Next Top Model, Clancy has modelled for several magazines and newspapers. In May 2007, Clancy appeared on the front cover of Arena magazine, and modelled the Triumph Bonneville Motorbike in the Daily Mail newspaper. Clancy was chosen to appear in Sports Illustrated magazine in the 2010 swimsuit edition. She was featured for her sporting connection to Peter Crouch and was photographed for the magazine wearing only body paint to make it appear as if she was wearing an England shirt.