Audrina Patridge - Reality TV Actress in Bikini

Audrina Patridge
Born: May 9, 1985
Model, Actress, TV Personality
Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Measurements 34 – 25 - 36
Audrina Cathleen Patridge is an American reality television personality, actress, and model. She is known for being one of the four original primary cast members featured on the MTV reality series The Hills. She has also starred in the films Sorority Row and Into The Blue 2. Patridge returned to reality television in April 2011 with her new series, Audrina. After moving to Los Angeles, she was hired for a job at Quixote Studios as a receptionist. In 2005, Laguna Beach star Lauren Conrad and her best friend and roommate Heidi Montag moved into her building to shoot their MTV show The Hills. Patridge was cast in the series as a friend of Conrad and Montag. In the second through fifth seasons of The Hills, she had been working for Epic Records.


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  1. Love these! Pictures from the days when Reality TV personality Audrina Patridge was a bikini goddess! Slender and toned, yet with awesome curves and cleavage. Sadly she doesn't look like that anymore since her drastic reduction in 2011 left her flattened and sagging with no cleavage or curves in desperate need of some Victoria's Secret boosting lift and support. When she wears the helpful lingerie or bikini tops Audrina can still generate amazing curves. However, she rarely uses the assistance instead appearing shapeless and old before her time. Bring back "The Hills" Audrina!